11 Best Affiliate Networks


When it comes to generating income from your blog, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to turn traffic into cash. However, affiliate marketing is only a viable way to make money if you can find quality products that your visitors are interested in.

We have actually collected the 11 best affiliate networks. Together, they will give you access to tens of thousands of merchants and millions of products. Whether you want to promote physical or digital products, big brands or new brands, you will find an affiliate platform on this list that can link you to something that fits. Let us dive in.

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1. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate networks out there. While Amazon Associates is focused entirely on Amazon products, ShareASale hosts affiliate programs with over 4,500 merchants. From the ShareASale dashboard, you can sign up to all these merchants, generate links, and see your stats. For most affiliate networks, you need to separately apply to each merchants and be approved by each of them.

ShareAsale affiliate networkOverall, ShareASale is a fantastic choice for both digital and physical products. For instance, on the digital side, you will find plenty of WordPress themes and plugins, web hosting companies, etcFor physical items, you will find a lot of large and small merchants. For instance, there is Warby Parker (sunglasses), Sun Basket, Wayfair, Reebok, NFL Shop, plus thousands of other companies in different sizes. No matter what niche you are in, you can probably discover some products worth promoting.

What you need to know about ShareASale

Niche/product types: A bit of whatever, consisting of both physical and digital items.
Typical commission rate: Depends on the particular merchant you register with.
Cookie duration: Depends on the specific merchant you register with.
Minimum payout: $50.

ShareASale Pros and cons.

Countless merchants for both physical and digital items, including lots of well-known merchants.ShareASale has been around for many years and is a well-trusted affiliate network.

ShareASale deals with lots of big brands and has over 1,000 merchants

User friendly dashboard that makes it simple to create custom affiliate links.

None, in my viewpoint.

2. Awin

Awin, formerly Affiliate Window, is another popular affiliate network that provides you access to over 13,000 merchants. Awin actually acquired ShareASale back in 2017, though the two are still run as different entities and have different merchants.

Awin affiliate programAwin was founded in Germany. Although there are a lot of US and global companies, you will find a bit more of a European tilt to the merchant list. Like ShareASale and CJ, you will need to apply to each merchant within the network. You generate your affiliate links and track stats.

With over 13,000 merchants, you will discover a great deal of choices for both physical and digital products at Awin.

A few of the significant big names are:
XE (money transfer)
Under Armour

What you need to know about Awin.

Niche/product types: With over 13,000 merchants, you will find both physical and digital offers in almost every niche.
Average commission rate: Varies with each merchant you join.
Cookie duration: Varies with each merchant you join.
Minimum payment: $20.

Awin pros and cons.

Lots of merchants to choose from.
Dedicated WordPress plugin to assist you import products.
Low minimum payout (only $20).

$5 sign up charge (it is reimbursed if you are approved to join, but you will lose it if you are denied).

3. Amazon Associates.

If you want to promote physical products on your website or blog, Amazon Associates is a great choice. With Amazon Associates, you can earn a commission on virtually anything sold at Amazon.com. What makes this program much more valuable is that you make a commission on everything that someone buys via you affiliate link, even if the item is not the one that you link to.
For example, if you promote to a $5 tooth brush but a person ends up buying a $500 TV, you still get the commission from the sale of the TV as long as it is within the cookie timeframe.

Amazon affiliate program

In the past, Amazon Associates paid you a commission rate based on how much revenue or sales you made. Since 2017, Amazon has moved to a flat-rate commission structure where you are paid a flat percentage based on the category that each product is in.

Fees for Amazon Associates Affiliates

While some high-volume affiliates did not like the policy changes, this shift makes Amazon Associates a lot more attractive for smaller websites. You no longer have to struggle to reach a specific sales volume to earn a bigger commission.

What you need to know about Amazon Associates.

Niche/product types: Anything sold on Amazon’s website
Typical commission rate: Ranges from 1% to 10% depending on the categories.
Cookie duration: 24-hour Cookies. However, under certain conditions, you can have a 90-day cookie
Minimum payout: $10 for Amazon gift card or direct deposit.

Amazon Associates pros and cons.

Massive choice of items.
Universal cookie enables you to earn commissions for everything people buy within the cookie period.
Amazon is by far the biggest name in eCommerce.
Very low payment threshold– only $10.

The universal cookie just lasts for 24 hours.
Some categories, like video games, have really low commissions (1%).
You are required to sign up for each country.
Amazon may slash commissions occasionally for some reasons.

4. CJ Affiliate

CJ, formerly Commission Junction, is another affiliate network that combines countless merchants under one roof. Similar to ShareASale, CJ is among the biggest affiliate networks out there. You will have the ability to connect with countless big and small merchants. Currently. There are over 2,500 merchants in the network.

A few of the well-known companies in the CJ network are:
Workplace Depot
IHG (Hotels)

CJ affiliate networkLike ShareASale, you need to apply to each merchant from the CJ control panel. Then, you create links and view stat data. In my opinion CJ’s affiliate dashboard is a bit more complicated compared to that of ShareASale.

What you need to know about CJ.

Niche/product types: Like ShareASale, CJ covers a variety of niches in both physical and digital products.
Typical commission rate: Depends on the specific merchant you sign up with.
Cookie duration: Depends on the specific merchant you sign up with.
Minimum payout: $50 for direct deposit or $100 for check.
CJ benefits and drawbacks.

A wide selection of big and small merchants to choose from.
An excellent dashboard to assist you manage your affiliate marketing efforts.
Has a deep link generator that makes it quite simple to generate links.

The dashboard could be a little complicated for new affiliates.

5. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing, formerly called LinkShare, is a popular affiliate network that includes a lot of big merchants. For example:
Finest Buy
Papa Johns

Rakuten affiliate programRakuten Marketing is not as big as ShareASale, CJ, or Awin, There are about 1,000 merchants in Rakuten Marketing. If you want a huge choice of merchants, you might be better off to join other networks. However, Rakuten is an excellent choice for getting access to the big names. Rakuten Marketing also has some nice features like the ability to rotate ads without the need for an external plugin.

What you need to know about Rakuten Marketing.

Niche/product types: With about 1,000 merchants, you can still find many offers in different niches.
Typical commission rate: It varies with different merchants.
Cookie period: It varies with different merchants.
Minimum payout: $50.

Rakuten Marketing pros and cons.

Gives you access to prominent merchants like Walmart and Best Buy.Rakuten is a billion dollar company and well-trusted brand.
Nice marketing feature like simple advertisement rotation.

Much less product selection compared to other affiliate networks.

6. Avangate Affiliate Network.

Avangate affiliate networkAvangate Affiliate Network is an affiliate network that is concentrated on digital products and software application, rather than physical items.Avangate Affiliate Network provides you access to over 22,000 pieces of software. If your website promotes digital items, you will definitely want to join Avangate Affiliate Network. Avangate acquired 2Checkout back in 2017  and the initial Avangate tool was merged into 2Checkout.

With Avangate Affiliate Network, you will get access to popular software application merchants like:
Hide My Ass (the VPN)


What you need to know about Avangate Affiliate Network.

Niche/product types: Avangate Affiliate Network focuses on digital items and software products. You can search the full merchant marketplace without registering.
Average commission rate: Depends on the merchant you sign up with and up to an 85% commission rate. The commission rate for digital products are normally higher than physical products.
Cookie duration: Depends on the specific merchant you register with. Avangate Affiliate Network lets merchants set their cookie length anywhere between 30 to 180 days, so you are guaranteed at least 30 days at a minimum.
Minimum payout: $100.Avangate Affiliate Network pros and cons.Pros:.
You can request to be paid through PayPal.
A large selection of software products to choose from.
Many merchants provide very high commissions of 50% or higher.Cons:.
The $100 minimum payment is higher than most other affiliate networks.

7. ClickBank.

Like Avangate Affiliate Network, ClickBank is another affiliate network that has a large variety of digital items from less popular merchants.There are a lot of merchants who sell eBooks, online courses, or membership sites. Although these merchants might not be well-known brands, they may have fantastic products for you to promote if they fit your niche. One drawback is that some ClickBank products are not very high quality. Therefore, you need to be cautious when selecting merchants.

Clickbank affiliate program

What you need to know about ClickBank.

Niche/product types: Huge selection of digital products.
Average commission rate: Depends on the particular merchant you join but normally quite high.
Cookie period: Depends on the particular merchant you register with, but normally 60 days.
Minimum payout: $10.

ClickBank benefits and drawbacks.

Many novelty nichees that you will not find at other affiliate platforms.
Pretty high commissions for a lot of merchants.
$10 minimum payout.

ClickBank’s generous refund policy.Many low-quality products.

8. FlexOffers.

FlexOffers is a long-standing, popular affiliate platform that enables you to connect with over 12,000 different advertisers and merchants.FlexOffers adds more than 50 new merchants per day. You can find new offers every day.

Flexoffers affiliate programFlexOffers has many well-known brandnames like priceline.com, Macy’s, Skechers, Lenovo, etc. You can search the merchant directory prior to joining.FlexOffers is well-respected and has been around for many years.FlexOffers designates every publisher an account manager. Your account manager can help you find the best offers to promote and assist you in your affiliate marketing venture.

What you need to know about FlexOffers.

Niche/product types: With over 12,000 merchants, you can find physical and digital products in all niches.
Average commission rate: Depends on the particular merchant you register with.
Cookie period: Depends on the particular merchant you register with.
Minimum payout: $50 within the USA or $100 outside the USA.

FlexOffers Pros and Cons.

Over 12,000 merchants to choose from.
Excellent dashboard.
You get a dedicated affiliate manager who gives you advice in choosing offers

If you are outside the USA, the only payment option is PayPal (unless the payment is over $5,000– then you can use a wire transfer).

9. Peerfly.

Peerfly is a fast growing affiliate network that has over 3,300 merchants like Target, Uber, Agoda, and more. Very good dashboard that makes it easy to see your revenues.

What you need to know about Peerfly.

Peerfly affiliate networkNiche/product types: The network onsists of both physical and digital products.
Average commission rate: Depends on the specific merchant you join.
Cookie period: Depends on the particular merchant you register with.
Minimum payout: $50.

Peerfly benefits and drawbacks.

A mix of big and small merchants.
Weekly payments if you hit $5,000 earnings per week.
” Cash Flow” feature lets you get faster payments (for a charge, though).

The application process takes about 3 days.

10. Walmart Affiliates.

Walmart’s affiliate program is technically part of Rakuten Marketing, however I am still giving it its own area because I believe it makes a valuable contrast to Amazon Associates. If you are selling physical products, Amazon Associates is absolutely the biggest name in the affiliate game. Amazon holds nearly 50% of the US eCommerce market.Walmart has 3.7% of the online retail market while eBay is in second place at 6.6%.

Walmart affiliate program

When Amazon Associates changed from its old commission structure to its brand-new category-based policy, the Walmart affiliate program ended up being a little more appealing since it provides higher commissions than Amazon in some categories. For instance, Walmart will offer you a 4% commission on toys, while Amazon just offers 3%.In addition, Walmart’s tracking cookie lasts for three days, whereas Amazon’s only lasts for one day.

What you need to know about Walmart Affiliates.

Niche/product types: Anything sold on Walmart’s website
Typical commission rate: Ranges from 1% to 18%. Many categories are 4% or 1%.
Cookie period: 3-day Cookies

Walmart Affiliates pros and cons.

Large product selection.
Greater commissions than Amazon in some categories.
A popular and well-trusted brand name.
Longer cookie than Amazon.

$50 minimum payout which is higher than Amazon.
Much less product selection as compared to Amazon.

11. eBay Partner Network.

As the name recommends, eBay Partner Network is eBay’s own affiliate network. Many of eBay’s items are short-term product due to the auction structure.

ebay affiliate program

What you need to know about the eBay Partner Network.

Niche/product types: Mostly physical products
Average commission rate: from 50% -70% of eBay’s earnings. Keep in mind: This is not the total purchase rate of the product– you are making a percentage of eBay’s own commission.
Cookie period: 24 hours. However, you can still earn a commission even if the auction takes up to 10 days to end, as long as the visitor places a bid within the very first 24 hours.
Minimum payout: $10.

eBay Partner Network benefits and drawbacks.

Huge range of products selling on eBay.
Can sell used items, which is unique.
Low payout of $10.

The cookie only lasts for 24 hours.

Which affiliate network should you use

The nice thing is that you can choose more than one and as many as you want.
Instead of selecting a single network, register for all the ones that interest you so that you can find the very best merchants and payouts.
When you have signed up for some affiliate platforms, create a review blog with WordPress and get a few of the very best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins to help you handle and promote those merchants.

Dream you a successful journey to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing. successful journey to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing.

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